Stop packaging trash today!

RePack is simple sustainability. Reusable packaging that replaces single-use. It is easy to buy and use – we manage the rest for you.

Join the reuse revolution today.

Make a difference with hundreds of brands and happy users.

RePack is a perfect match for webstores shipping soft goods, wishing to reduce their environmental impact while improving their user experience.

RePack flows in cycles

  1. Ship your products in RePack
  2. Your customer returns the RePack to us, for free
  3. We check and prepare the RePacks so they are ready for the next cycle

You choose how to offer it

RePack as a choice

Let your customer choose and pay, making RePack free for your business.


RePack for all

Ship all orders in RePack and take a stand for the planet as a brand that does not ship any trash.

Choose packaging that suits you

If your business is in Canada, email us to place your RePack order

Not sure what to order?

Try our sample kit to test all sizes

RePack sample kit includes all RePack sizes and instructions on how to implement RePack for your business.