RePack sample set S+M+L

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Not sure which RePack package size to go with? Order our sample kit and experience reusable and returnable RePack in person. We want you to see it, test it and fall in love with it!

The sample kit includes one sample of each RePack package (sizes S, M and L), as well as our small guide that gives you an overview of the RePack service.

  • Use our checklist to understand if RePack is a good fit for you
    • Choose the right sizes – Test the 3 RePack sizes with your products to see what size(s) cover your goods selection.
    • Test if the bags protect your goods well.
    • Choose your favorite sealing method – sealing stickers or tape included in the samples kit.
    • Make sure your logistics team approves RePack: packing, sealing, the product return process.
  • If it’s a fit, get in touch with the RePack team → Talk to Sales