The end of trash is near

Looking for reusable packaging solutions?

You have come to the right place. Here we can get the party started.

Simply choose minimum 100 packages of your size and you are ready to start your own reuse revolution!

How does RePack work?

Offer RePack on your webstore

Integrate RePack as a shipping option or ship all orders in RePack – you decide.

If RePack is offered as an option, we have plugins and integrations available which make 1/3 of your customers choose reuse over single-use.

Customers receive their order in RePack

RePacks are best fit for goods that do not require protection during transport, such as fashion, soft goods, and outdoor gear.

Goods packed in RePacks are sealed and shipped as usual. What’s great about RePack is that you’re not shipping any air!

Customer returns empty RePack for free

Returning an empty RePack is super simple. Just fold it and put it into a post box or a dedicated return point. Return is free of charge, anywhere in the world.

RePack is perfect for product returns too!

RePacks are collected and redistributed

RePack cycle is closed once the empty bag is returned to one of the RePack hubs. After every journey, RePacks are checked and cleaned by our team.

They are then ready for another cycle. RePack is reusable packaging as a service.

Order your first RePack bags now

Are you experiencing decision agony?

Order the packaging sample kit!

Try our sample kit and get a feel of your RePack before ordering the real deal.

Our three sizes at your doorstep, delivery included.

Not sure how to offer RePack?

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